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Works on Chiffon 

These works on chiffon approach my elusive feelings and memories of places in relation to the notion of home. In When denied home we build a memory palace, I collaged images of my childhood home in Pakistan and wrote repetitively in Urdu. These fragmented images become imagined recollections, floating on a flimsy, translucent surface that responds to the slightest changes in air and light. As these elements shift, so does this memory palace. In Searching for home, I hand-embroidered onto chiffon a two-part poem that came through me in a moment of desolation on August 11th, 2018, the night before the Unite the Right rally took place in Washington D.C. The delicate, un-hemmed chiffon may disintegrate over time as my understanding of home evolves, referencing the impermanence of all embodied existence, thoughts, desires and longings.​

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