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Mexico - Digital Photography Project

Inspired by my trips to Pakistan and my photography project about my extended family, I took an opportunity to learn about Mexican culture and people through photography. This became an extension of my documentary photography project about lives of people within their households in developing countries and through this project, I’m finding many similarities between Pakistani and Mexican cultures. These photos were taken during my trips to Mexico over the last few years.


Interaction between the family members, people’s kitchens, their dishes, kids’ dolls, the folds of a messy, unmade bedspread are some details that grab my attention. I believe little details like that tell us a lot about someone’s life. Learning about others’ lives and struggles becomes a meditative experience for me and helps me reflect on my own life. 

Three Generations, One Roof

I met and spent time with a family of three women of three generations under one roof. They welcomed me like one of their own. These photos were taken during my first trip to Oaxaca in December 2015.

The Three Women


On the Streets of Oaxaca

The images below were taken while I wandered the streets of Oaxaca, a southern state of Mexico. Many people invited me in to meet their families and asked me to stay and eat with them. Taken in January 2016.


La Familia Rodriguez

It started with a cup of tea. I had been really down that day and I came across a small, family-owned restaurant. I walked in and they offered me some apple tea. I found myself returning every day to spend time with the kids. Taken in January 2017.

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