A Collective Conversation: Observing a Year

Welcome to the more-than-human world library, a decentralized and growing knowledge bank that will unfold over a year through collective imagination and participation. Organized by Sobia Ahmad and Monroe Isenberg.

This project is supported in part by the 2020 F.E.A.S.T. Grant

How can we share meaningful actions and rituals that connect us to land, place, and beings outside the human experience?


What is a moment or time in which you exited yourself and entered into a larger conversation with nature?

We are creating an archive consisting of shared practices that approach a more-than-human world. To create this library, we will invite 365 people (symbolizing a year) to respond creatively to the following sample prompts. Participants may submit any and all formats and mediums ranging from photos and videos, to sound, writing, poetry, books, and other types of conversations.

—What does a more than human world mean to you?

—Imagine practices that allow you to participate more fully with non-human beings. 

—Share a moment or experience in which you exited yourself and entered into a larger conversation with nature.

Responses will be accessible through a digital database organized into themes that will organically emerge. Encouraging active participation and knowledge sharing, we will host four events using the archive (i.e. poetry readings, guest lectures, storytelling, etc…). Facilitating these larger discussions is an act of resistance to the effects of human hierarchy and an invitation to learn new and evolving languages that enable greater participation in the world around us.

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